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Why are China instant noodle sales going off the boil?

Easy to make and cheap to buy, instant noodles have long been China's ultimate convenience food.

Be it a snack for students, a meal on the train, or just the go-to choice for hungry workers, more than 46.2 billion packets were sold in China and Hong Kong in 2013.


Noodles Pizza Base Recipe

Have you ever thought that a pizza can be made in 10 minutes without an instant pizza base? You can make the base with noodles instead. It‘s very simple to cook and you do not need a microwave oven too.

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Noodles with Eggs and Cheese

Noodles are staple food in many culture. There are many tasty noodles recipes, easy to cook and it takes just 3-10 minutes to serve. Roy Choi, a Korean American, shared his delicious noodles recipe with New York Times: Noodles with Eggs and Cheese (Ramen with Eggs...

How to Cook Noodles

Noodles make a hearty, delicious side dish or main meal. You can whip them up in five minutes and enjoy with butter and cheese, or dress them up with a special sauce when you have guests over. They're wonderful in soups and casseroles, too. Different types of noodles require...

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