Sparerib with bamboo shoots (bag)

The combination of Sparerib and bamboo shoots is an incredible mixture. With the warm sweet of bone broth juice and light sour of bamboo shoot would leave an unforgetable impress



Packing capacity
per carton

Net weight

Gross weight
Carton dimension
Bag 30 bags/carton 80 2.81 415x330x110
Cup 24 cups/carton 68 2.56 370x283x240
Bowl 12 bowls/carton 80 1.53 435x290x160







Sparerib with bamboo shoots (bag)


Noodle: Wheat flour, shortening, tapioca starch, potato starch (10grams/kg) , salt, flavor enhancer: (621,631,627), yeast extract, thickener (412,466), sodium hydrogen carbonate (500ii), sodium tripolyphosphate (451i), sodium hexametaphosphate (452i), Natural color (100i), Antioxidant BHA (320)

Spice: water, vegetable oil ,Salt, sugar, Flavor Enhancer (621,631,627), 5 fruiting vegetables (tamotoes, carrot, onion, kohlrabi, daikon) (20g/kg), gluten wheat, dried scallion, green onion, fresh garlic, bamboo shoots, soya sauce,  meat powder, yeast extract, stewed bonce juices (0.25g/kg), Synthetic pork flavor in food, Natural color, caramel (150d), preservation: potassium sorbate (202), Antioxidant: butylated hydroxyanisole BHA (320)

Nutrition facts: (per serving of 80g)
Energy: 349.91kcal
Lipid: 14.43g
Protein: 7.41g
Carbohydrate: 47.60g

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